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A Different World

 Hello Peeps!  Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!  On the road without my wheels!  Said goodbye to PDX with mixed feelings. Big Blue has a new road partner now. This is one trip we can't share.  Kieran my son, inherited the Big Blue saga. Those two will have their own stories to tell. Time to see how the rest of the world is faring.   Portland, Oregon has been home longer than any other place. Roots were tentatively dug into the damp, mossy ground. 10 years. A record for this wanderer! Made a promise. Promise kept. Dusting off old dreams. A little bit of tweaking to current times and off we go.-  They can be fecking elusive at times. Hard core chasing required with a certain debit in the sanity column.  Doing this in a pandemic has pushed my brain cells to explosion. Shipping chaos and delayed logistics stretched my nerves and pocket. If not now, then when.. But, finally, the miracle day came. A truck, driver and container arrived. All in the same day. After 4 tries.  Damn. Stupid S

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