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Good-Bye Portland

 Another round of autumn has drifted into winter. Only memories now, the multi-colored clouds of trees and that special musty, spicy scent that rises up from wind fluttered leaves.  Always my favorite time of the year. Briefly sweet, layered in summer memories and wrapped in holidays lights.  Soup by a crackling fire with a new pile of books to read.  Natures' space of transition and reflection.  Sitting here at the Human Bean on Sandy in Portland, Oregon, I am preparing to say good-bye. New tastes and sights will stretch my coffee adventure wings. First stop, New York... My last eclectic wanderings in search of unusual, original coffee shops here in Portland stalled last week. Had I found all The City of Roses had to offer? Big Blue cruised slowly, eating city miles even as gas prices rise daily.  My bike is in storage, caught in a saga of shipping chaos. The nomad life has challenges that seem to change by the day. Pandemic 2021 flowing into 2022. One can only pivot so much befor

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